Dosing, packaging and food handling machinery

The CalloniMAC packaging machines are guaranteed from design to delivery, up to maintenance and after-sales repair.


The solutions offered are based on different items for the food sector, each aimed at improving the productivity of our customers, allowing them to deal with ever-increasing packaging volumes and reducing the cost of labor required. Among the machines offered, you will find:

  • Dosers for dry foods
  • Dosers for floury foods
  • Automatic sewing line
  • Vertical packaging machine
  • Machines for vacuum packing and atmosphere
  • Industrial sewing machines
  • And more


In addition to producing machinery, the Calloni group offers customized fabric bags (visit our website here) to improve the quality of the packaged product. In fact, plastic bags are practical and cheap, but lacking in personality and do not allow manufacturers to express best the quality of their product. On the contrary, the fabric bag gives a natural touch of unique quality and finesse. However, the fabric cannot be processed automatically during packaging. So far ... Discover our solutions!


Machinery list