Automatic sewing line - model JD8

Sewing line for open mouth bags from 500g to 25kg


Excellent solution to automate the closing process through a top seam. A solid conveyor belt supports and guides the bag towards the Fischbein professional sewing machine that fastens the bag firmly and quickly. A ticket machine offers the possibility to add personalized tags completely automatically. The adjustment of the vertical column allows to finely adjust the height of the seam of the bag as well as having a large excursion with the change of the size of the bags.

Thanks to the fast and numerous adjustments it is possible to easily change the format to sew directly by the operator, without requiring mechanical interventions.


Specifications and technical features


Electric consumption 1,10 kW
Air consumption 20 Nl/h
Certification CE SI
Supported heights [min-max] * 250 mm a 700 mm
Stitch length [min-max] 4,5 mm a 8,5 mm
Tape speed 10 m/min

* Other sizes available on request.


Who is concerned


A machine suitable to who want that the manual sewing machine to become just a distant memory. Manual sewing machine are very easy, but sometimes heavy and above all poor performance for continuous workloads. The JD8 automatic sewing line with Fischbein head allows to realize high packaging volumes, with the same resources employed. Furthermore, by combining the SVNE dosing unit with the JD8 sewing line it is possible to achieve packaging capacity up to 5,000 kg / day with only two operators, or 3,000 kg / day with an operator. Watch the video and contact us for information!