The third-party weaving company Calloni was founded in Arconate, founded by Pierino Calloni.

Lino Calloni, Pierino's son, joins the company. The company, in addition to third parties, begins to produce dishcloths and towels. The company name becomes Tessitura Calloni Pierino and son.

The production of fabric bags for rice begins and in parallel two extrusion plants for synthetic raffia are installed.

The third generation joins the company: Sergio and Susanna, Lino's sons. Between the 70s and 85s production intensified on all fronts: fabric bags and synthetic yarns.

Through a considered diversification, the production of semi-automatic dosing machines and fillers begins.

Another extrusion plant is installed, more performing and able to satisfy the demand.

The production area doubles, acquiring a second production plant.

The international economic crisis  affects also Calloni, but the company, thanks to the diversification strategy, is able to resist.

An additional extrusion plant is installed, allowing technical improvements and expanding the production capacity.

The internationalization of the company has begun in many European countries, subsequently in South America, then in the rest of the world.

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