Marker for expiry date and food batch - semi-automatic model

Pneumatic thermal transfer marker


An effective solution for applying to packaging information required by law, such as production batches and expiry dates. Simple, compact and versatile marker thanks to the complete set of movable type. To proceed you will need to enter the characters in the housing, then turn on the marker and proceed with the application. The writing is transferred thanks to an inked ribbon which, following the pressure of the characters and the set temperature, fixes the information to the packaging. This operation is carried out without any effort on the part of the operator thanks to a sophisticated motorized system that guarantees always precise and clear writing. The change of lot or expiration date is fast and does not require expensive interventions as it will be necessary to change only the characters in the dedicated housing.


With the pneumatic marker it will be possible to apply expiration date and lot number on many supports such as plastic, fabric, paper, cotton, polypropylene raffia and much more. The marker is supplied including 1 KIT of movable characters with numbers and letters.


Specifications and technical features


Power supply 220V single phase
Electric consumption 0,06 kW
Productivity 25 - 35 pieces / minute
Certification CE YES
Font size [base x height] 2 mm x 3 mm