Insack device - Inclusion of plastic bags in fabric bags

Device for inserting plastic bags in fabric ones


Plastic bags are practical and inexpensive, but lacking in personality and do not allow manufacturers to best express the quality of their product. On the contrary, the fabric sack gives a natural touch of unique quality and finesse. However, the fabric cannot be processed easily in the packaging phases. Till now...


Thanks to the Insack device we provide a revolutionary, yet simple, system to insert a plastic packaging inside another flexible fabric. Applying Insack downstream of the conveyor belt of the vertical packaging machine, it will be sufficient to place the fabric bag and wait for the machine to let the plastic package slide inside it. The positioning system of the textile bag is operated by a pedal that fixes and releases the package easily. Finally, to close the fabric bag it will be sufficient to use a portable sewing machine (browse our catalog here) or the industrial sewing line (see technical details here).