Chamber vacuum machine - MVS series

Professional machines for vacuum and protective atmosphere


Professional machinery to guarantee a vacuum and high-definition atmosphere. The MVS series is equipped with highly technological technical features:

  • Electronic volumetric sensor for vacuum control and packaging in a protective atmosphere;
  • Controlled return of the air in the room through the "soft air" device;
  • Double sealing bar for optimal closure even in bags with gusset.


For a perfect vacuum tile it is possible to purchase a set of templates (shown in the video) that allows you to get precise items as well as avoiding vacuum losses caused by punctures during processing. Among the many versions you can compose the one that is closest to your needs. Browse the technical sheet or contact us for information!


Specifications and technical features

See attached technical data sheet


Who is concerned


Excellent for small-medium producers who wish to start or upgrade the vacuum packaging business. In fact, the MVS series has a limited entry cost, does not require set-up work and can be used by simply connecting the machine to the electrical outlet. Ideal solution also for spare machinery in case of failure on larger production lines.