Food doser - SVNE model

Semiautomatic net weight dosing machine for flour and granular products


Incredible compromise between dosing speed, versatility, ease of cleaning, precision, reduced dimensions and limited maintenance. This type of dosing machine is suitable for both independent use and combined use with sewing lines, such as our JD8.


The large hopper, with a volume of 25 liters, allows you to have always material ready for weighing. The double vibrating channel allows to extract almost any material. Weighing is carried out in a container with an innovative closing system that uses an air cylinder of only 12mm in diameter: this allows to obtain a lower inertia, therefore a greater precision and speed of dosage. The controls are controlled by an independent electrical panel that can also be positioned far from the dosing unit.


Specifications and technical features


Electric consumption 0,30 kW
Air consumption 5 Nl/h
Scale resolution + 1 g
Certification CE SI
Time full cycle* (1kg weight) 3 s

* Complete cycle (weighing, checking, unloading) carried out with rice.


Who is concerned


This model is suitable for those who want to make an effective investment to give a real boost to their business. It is the big brother of the SVTE version, where the cycle time is drastically reduced from 15s to 3s for 1kg weighs. Furthermore, by combining the SVNE dosing unit with the JD8 sewing line it is possible to achieve packaging capacity up to 5,000 kg / day with only two operators, or 3,000 kg / day with an operator. Watch the video and contact us for information!