Automatic vertical packaging machine - KOMPAKT + M model

Automatic vertical packaging machine for rice, legumes and spices powders


KOMPAKT + M is the system suitable for packaging rice, powders, legumes and spices, consisting of the KOMPAKT packaging machine, the M series vibrating channel doser and the packaging unloading belt. The vertical packaging machine produces packs with 3-weld, using neutral or printed heat-sealing reels (supplied by us), on which it is possible to apply expiration date and batch.


The electronic dosing machine with vibrating channels weighs the product through precise load cells, after which it unloads the product inside the packaging machine. The unloading belt quickly transports the packages onto a rotating table or a work bench. If you use a fabric bag to give a quality note to your packaging by hiding the plastic, you can combine our INSACK product. Look here how it works!


Specifications and technical features


Electric consumption 0,70 kW
Air consumption 100 Nl/h
Productivity 8 sacchi/min
Tape speed 10 m/min
Certification CE SI


Who is concerned


The automatic dosing machine for textile bags is dedicated to the businessman who wants to promote their packaging using fabric bags, but without losing productivity. This investment will be decisive for clearly improving its market position, considerably innovating with respect to all competitors. The packaging versatility, combined with labor savings, allows a very rapid return on investment, as well as allowing a considerable increase in the packaging volume of fabric bags.