Automatic vacuum packing machine - GSSA model

Automatic vacuum packing machine


Group for automatic vacuum packing. The GSSA model is the big brother of the vacuum chamber machines, which are perfect for medium-small batch productions but show some limitations in the packaging of high volumes. For this band the GSSA group allows an excellent productivity guaranteeing constancy and precision in the formation of the vacuum or cushion tile.

The preformed and filled bag is lowered from the vertical opening (customizable dimensions), within which it is automatically squared, vacuum-packed and the subsequent welding. It is then easily unloaded on a slide to be collected and packed.


Specifications and technical features

Electric consumption 1,05 kW
Complete cycle time * 8 s
Tile size Customizable
Maximum vacuum percentage 99,9%
Certification CE SI

* complete cycle: bag entry, squaring, vacuum packing, welding, unloading


Who is concerned


The automatic vacuum unit is the best choice for production without loss of efficiency, aimed at high packaging volumes. Simple to use and with low maintenance requirements, this machine is suitable for quick installation on its production lines.