Automatic dosing machine for fabric bags - SIAS model

Automatic dosing machine for fabric bags


Plastic bags are practical and economic, but lacking in personality and do not allow manufacturers to best express the quality of their product. On the contrary, the fabric bag gives a natural touch of unique quality and finesse. However, the fabric cannot be processed automatically during packaging. Till now...


Thanks to the SIAS bagging machine, through a patented system it is possible to completely automate the entire packaging process of fabric bags. The automatic dosing machine picks up the bags in fabric with an open mouth using a special, innovative and patented system that opens them, takes them to a bag-holding to be filled, then proceeds to labeling and closes the bag by sewing the mouth. The entry of the material to be packaged varies according to the customer's needs: it can be a plastic film bag in a protective atmosphere, or in a vacuum, or some loose material to be placed directly in the bag in certified fabric.


An incredible saving in terms of manpower as the staff employed will not have the task of actively producing, but rather of controlling the operation of the machine which will work constantly and without stops. Furthermore, the operator can also perform other tasks as the automatic dosing machine does not need to be constantly manned.

Specifications and technical features


Electric consumption 0,70 kW
Air consumption 100 Nl/h
Productivity 8 sacchi/min
Tape speed 10 m/min
Certification CE SI


Who is concerned


The automatic dosing machine for textile bags is dedicated to the businessman who wants to promote their packaging using fabric bags, but without losing productivity. This investment will be decisive for clearly improving its market position, considerably innovating with respect to all competitors. The packaging versatility, combined with labor savings, allows a very rapid return on investment, as well as allowing a considerable increase in the packaging volume of fabric bags.