Packaging machinesCalloniMAC: filler machines, dosing machines, sewing machines, sealers, bag holders, closing bag.


CalloniMAC is the Italian manufacturer of packaging machines, dosers, vacuum packing machines, sewing lines based in Arconate, in the province of Milan. The specialized division of the CALLONI GROUP, since 1930 has been designing, assembling and selling directly to the customer in Italy and abroad.


Switching from manual to automatic packaging has never been easier

We offer customized solutions to allow continuous and sensitive improvement in the packaging phase. An example: discover our SVNE dosing machine, combined with the sewing line JD8. Dosing and packaging from 2,000 to 5,000 kg / day with just two operators.


Dosing machines, sewing lines, vacuum machines, manual sewing machines 

Solutions for the field of packaging foods such as pasta, legumes, rice, chestnuts, flour, sugar and much more.

Packing machine repair service

As producers, CalloniMAC offers a maintenance and repair service for all machines, including those supplied by third parties!

Maintenance and assistance are essential to extend and optimize the life and efficiency of all packaging machines.

Calloni Group is also ...

CALLONI FIL - Synthetic raffia and bioplastic yarns

CALLONI FIL - Synthetic raffia and bioplastic yarns

CalloniFIL produces synthetic raffia yarns in polypropylene, polyethylene and bio-plastic. Technical articles, with high tensile strength, with the possibility of customizing each technical specification. We also offer white or colored cotton polyester yarn, suitable for all supplied industrial sewing machines.

CALLONI TEX - Production of bags and fabrics

CALLONI TEX - Production of bags and fabrics

It is the Calloni division specialized in the production of fabric bags and in the marketing, production and processing of industrial fabrics destined for the many product sectors including food, agriculture, breeding, textiles, clothing, gifts and much more.